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Temptation Original Painting
  • Temptation Original Painting

    The original painting above is entitled "Temptation" by Varelarts. It is an acrylic painting and is one of two of Varelarts latest creations. This abstract painting is inspired by the biblical story of Adam and Eve and the tree of knowledge but with a futuristic space concept.
    “As the world evolves temptation grows” - Varelarts


    Materials: Acrylic Paints & Spray Paint 

    Painting is fully varnished

    Size: 150 cm x 130 cm

    Year: 2018


    Shipping: Painting will be shipped through DHL

    Will be shipped between 2-3 working days 

    FreeShipping World Wide 

    Painting will be well protected when shipped


    Any further questions feel free to contact me


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