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Wolves IN NFT Street x Varelarts

Designed 550 NFT characters and over 1000 traits in total 

Softwares used: Illustrator & Photoshop 

Deadline Duration - 7 Months

Title: Case Study: Designing the "Wolves In NFT St" Collection

Introduction: This case study delves into the creative process of the "Wolves In NFT St" collection, an anime-inspired NFT project. It highlights the collaborative efforts of a seven-member team, focusing on digital marketing strategies, character design, and community engagement. The project's success resulted in the sale of 277 NFTs on Opensea.

Creative Process:

  1. Research and Conceptualization: Extensive research informed the creation of distinct anime-inspired characters, combining wolf and human traits. Initial sketches explored various designs to ensure creative possibilities.

  2. Iterative Design Process: Meticulous design involves crafting over a thousand unique traits, including weapons, facial assets, and accessories. Regular feedback sessions with the client ensured a collaborative and iterative approach.

  3. Collaboration and Teamwork: Effective communication and regular meetings facilitated coordination, decision-making, and alignment with the client's vision.

Digital Marketing Strategies:

  1. Promotional Social Media Content: Engaging content on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Discord built excitement and fostered a community around the collection.

  2. Motion Graphics Advert: A captivating motion graphics advert showcased the NFTs' collectable nature, maximizing visibility and impact.

  3. Weekly Sneak Peeks and Discord Engagement: Exclusive sneak peeks and active engagement within the Discord community sustained interest and generated anticipation.

Results and Success: The "Wolves In NFT St" collection achieved significant attention, selling 277 NFTs on Opensea. The digital marketing strategies successfully generated hype, increased visibility, and cultivated a dedicated base of collectors.

Conclusion: The design journey for the "Wolves In NFT St" collection showcased the power of collaboration, iterative design, and strategic digital marketing in creating a successful NFT project.

Red Hoodie up.png
Purple Parka Jacket.png
Blue Glow Spike Jacket.png
Beige Kimone.png
Purple Rain Jacket.png
Red Varsity Jacket.png
Light Blue Faux jumper.png
Black Wolf Jacket.png
Green Fur Jacket.png
Dark Grey Kimone.png
Blue Hoodie.png
weapon 8.png
weapon 5.png
weapon 7.png
weapon 6.png
weapon 2 .png
weapon 4 png.png
weapon 3 .png
weapon 1.png

Logo Design

Wins logo .jpg

GIF Discord Banner 

Motion Graphics

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