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Wolves IN NFT Street x Varelarts

Designed 550 NFT characters and over 1000 traits in total 

Softwares used: Illustrator & Photoshop 

Deadline Duration - 7 Months

Building the Wolves in NFT Street project was an exhilarating experience that I'm proud to have been a part of. My goal was to create over 1000 different traits to create 555 NFT designs that represent a variety of skin tones, genders so that it represented everyone. I was commissioned to be creative director and illustrator in the project.


The team had to create an inclusive community that represented diversity and was open to everyone. To achieve this, we created a Discord server dedicated to the project and invited members to join and share their ideas. We also posted updates, hosted conversation, and provided support on other social media platforms. This was a way to show utility and giving free value to the WINS NFT holders. 


Overall, creating 555 NFT designs for the Wolves in NFT Street project has been a remarkable journey. I am motivated by the idea of creating something that promotes diversity, inclusion, and representation. I hope that the efforts can contribute to making the crypto world a more welcoming and accepting place.

Red Hoodie up.png
Purple Parka Jacket.png
Blue Glow Spike Jacket.png
Beige Kimone.png
Purple Rain Jacket.png
Red Varsity Jacket.png
Light Blue Faux jumper.png
Black Wolf Jacket.png
Green Fur Jacket.png
Dark Grey Kimone.png
Blue Hoodie.png
weapon 8.png
weapon 5.png
weapon 7.png
weapon 6.png
weapon 2 .png
weapon 4 png.png
weapon 3 .png
weapon 1.png

Logo Design

Wins logo .jpg

GIF Discord Banner 

Motion Graphics

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