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Creative Director/Graphic Designer/Motion Graphics - VUE PAY
Duration deadline - 3 Months 

I was commissioned by Vue Pay to creative direct, graphic design and create motion graphics for an advert to engage with Instagram followers. This required creative thinking and an eye for detail. The aim is to create an engaging ad that will capture the attention of potential users on Instagram. 


Live streaming is one of the key features of Vue Pay and should be used in directing the advert. Encouraging live streamers to use the app and showcasing some of their creative content in the ad will help to get potential users excited about using Vue Pay.


My Role


-Creative direct the add (hiring other creatives to be a part of the campaign)

Creating motion graphics for the advert (used After effects)


-Video edit the footage to make sure the lighting was correct.

-Create social media story post on instagram.

- Create Live stream layout for the app

App Preview  

vue pay.png

Live Stream Layout


Interactive card

vue pay buisness card.png

Instagram Social Media Posts 

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