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BBC Fresh Prince Anniversary
Character Design (2021)

Duration deadline - 1 Week

I was commissioned to create digital illustrations of Will Smith’s most iconic outfits on Fresh Prince of Bel Air for BBC. As part of the project, my art was posted on BBC Iplayer, where I got to create an art reveal to showcase the post.


When breaking down the brief I began my work by researching some of Will’s most iconic looks on the show, including his signature checkerboard shirts, as well as some of his special occasion outfits such as his leather jacket and red leather vest for the school dance. With these looks in mind, I drew up a few sketches and then used Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create the colourful illustrations. To keep the illustration consistent and cohesive. 


The end product was a vibrant series of 3 digital illustrations that showcased Will’s most iconic looks from the show. Every single detail was painstakingly crafted and placed, from the hats and sunglasses to the heavy gold chains and colourful patterned shirts. With my illustrations, I was able to breathe new life into the show and bring it to a new generation of fans.

Softwares used: Illustrator & Photoshop 

outfit 2.jpeg
outfit 1.jpeg
outfit 3-2.jpg
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