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NFT Krews Studios Pastel World Background Artist (2022) 
Duration deadline - 2 months

Creating background art for a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) project is a unique challenge that requires creativity and originality. For the Pastel World project on Opensea, Krews Studios was looking for background art that would best represent the project's theme. 


I was selected to create the background art for this project. When breaking down the brief the team wanted a pastel-coloured background that was soft and inviting, as well as dynamic and vibrant. To create a dynamic background, I chose vivid colour combinations that had a lot of contrast, like pink and blue. I used different shapes and sizes to add a sense of movement and energy to the image. Additionally, I made sure to add a few small details, such as stars and clouds, to give the image a more whimsical feel.


When it came to the textures in the image, I chose a combination of smooth and rough textures. I used a combination of soft, pastel colours and brighter, more saturated colours to create a dynamic look. Additionally, I used line art and shading techniques to give the image depth and dimension. The overall goal was to create a background art piece that would represent Pastel World in a unique and interesting manner and compliment the characters that would go above the art.


In the end, the background art I created for the Pastel World project was well-received. The vibrant colours, interesting textures and whimsical elements made it an interesting and unique piece of art. Additionally, the image provided Krews Studios with a unique way to promote the project and capture people's attention. The background art for the Pastel World project was a success and sold over 1500 nfts. I am grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of it.

pastel word.jpg
Pastel World Mind Map-01.jpg
sunset 1 pastel colour.jpg
sunset 4 palet colour.jpg
sunset 2 pastel colour.jpg
sunset 5 pastel colour.jpg
sunset 3 palet colour.jpg
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