NFT Krews Studios Pastel World (2022) 

Krews Studios commissioned me to their background artist for an NFT collection called Pastel World. I had to full creative control over the background art when the brief was given. I had to also implement pastel colours for my colour scheme. The team sold a series of 1,500 nfts with 495 holders. This was my first contribution to an NFT project which opened more doors in the crypto art industry. As I believe web 2 will transition to Web 3 with the early development of the meta verse. This was also a great opportunity to understand the NFT market. 

pastel word.jpg
sunset 1 pastel colour.jpg
sunset 3 palet colour.jpg

Pastel World

Pastel World Mind Map-01.jpg
sunset 2 pastel colour.jpg
sunset 5 pastel colour.jpg
sunset 4 palet colour.jpg