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NFT Krews Studios Pastel World Background Artist (2022) 
Duration deadline - 2 months

Title: Case Study: Designing Background Art for NFT Collection "Pastel World" by Krews Studios

  1. Introduction: Krews Studios contracted me for a two-month project to design background art for their "Pastel World" NFT collection. This case study showcases the creative process and outcomes achieved during the project.

  2. Brief Overview: Krews Studios provided a comprehensive brief to create visually stunning and immersive background art pieces that complemented their unique NFT characters. The goal was to evoke nostalgia and wonder using a pastel colour palette.

  3. Understanding the Brief: Through meticulous review, I grasped the requirements and desired aesthetic, aligning my creative vision with the client's expectations.

  4. Research and Inspiration: Extensive research enabled the development of a visual mood board, incorporating pastel colour schemes, nostalgic artworks, and awe-inspiring landscapes.

  5. Sketching and Conceptualization: Preliminary sketches captured the essence of nostalgia and wonder, showcasing dreamlike landscapes, whimsical architecture, and ethereal natural surroundings.

  6. Collaboration and Iteration: Collaborating closely with the Krews Studios team, I refined the concepts based on their feedback, ensuring the artwork reflected the desired atmosphere.

  7. Execution and Finalization: The refined concepts were digitally rendered, paying attention to details such as light, shadow, and the carefully chosen pastel colour palette.

  8. Delivery and Success: The final background art pieces were delivered, resulting in a successful launch of the "Pastel World" NFT collection. The art resonated with the audience, generating significant sales volume.

  9. Conclusion: Designing background art for the "Pastel World" NFT collection showcased the power of well-crafted artwork in enhancing the overall value of NFTs. The project's success highlighted the collaborative creative process and the ability to evoke emotions through visually stunning designs.

pastel word.jpg
sunset 1 pastel colour.jpg
sunset 4 palet colour.jpg
sunset 2 pastel colour.jpg
sunset 3 palet colour.jpg
sunset 5 pastel colour.jpg
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